Wyatt Lee-Anderson Jewelry

Personal website: https://www.wyattleeanderson.com/carousel.php

My name is Wyatt Lee Anderson, I am a fourth generation Navajo (Diné) Silversmith from Manuelito (On my Mother’s Side) and Mexican Springs (on my Father’s side), currently residing in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

 Diné Jewelry has always been more then a passion, It has been a part of my life. My early years I had a lot of exposure to the silversmith artist lifestyle. My father Allison “Snowhawk” Lee, is an accomplished Navajo Silversmith and has been in the trade for over 46 years. Growing up I was able to travel with my family going to many Galleries, Museums and Art shows including SWAIA’s Santa Fe Indian Market and The Heard Museums Indian Market in Phoenix, Arizona.

Working with silver started when i was 12 years of age. My father,  would take time to teach me Form And Design. He taught me how to Dome out sterling silver discs, which would go into creating Handmade Silver Bead Necklaces. Learning the handmade process of bead making is the way Shinálí (My Paternal Grandmother) taught my father when he was just starting out as well. Being taught how to form metal, solder and hand polish the silver beads to perfection, was a key moment in my path to becoming a Silversmith. 

A Year later,  Fall Of 2003, I attended the 82nd Annual Santa Fe Indian Market and Placed First in the Youth Jewelry Division with my Silver and Turquoise Bead Necklace. From then on i would start showcasing my work every year during The Santa Fe Indian Market and Heard Museum Indian Markets.

Throughout the years I would pick up different techniques from my Father, Who would teach me the importance of making each piece to the best of my ability, And to establish a High-Quality standard of creating my Jewelry.
He would often explain the importance of using High Quality Natural Turquoise, And to always put your heart and mind into each piece, Bringing it to life,  Creating  something beautiful on the earth for people to enjoy.



“Jellybean” style necklaces with coral, sleeping beauty turquoise, spiney oyster, denim lapis, chrysoprase, amethyst, lapis, Chinese turquoise and kingman turquoise.
By Wyatt Lee
(Can be ordered in individual strands)

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